Equal Opportunity in the Real Estate Industry

Equal Opportunity in the Real Estate Industry


trust“Bigger is better” is the saying, and sometimes that is true.  It was true for the longest time in the real estate industry when marketing was dominated by print advertising.  The National brands held a distinct advantage over smaller independent firms due to extensively larger advertising budgets.

Well hello Internet!  With the introduction of the world-wide web, the playing field was leveled.  Even the one agent office working from home can now market their listings 24 hours a day seven days a week, and equally reach qualified prospective purchasers.  With the assistance of sites like Zillow.com, Realtor.com, Trulia.com and Homes.com, marketing exposure is not limited by the company’s financial marketing budget.

So, how does that help you select a Realtor when listing your property?  First, it allows you to focus on service and experience.  Selling your home is personal, and as such, so should be the relationship with your Realtor.  Trust is what you need to look for in your Realtor.  Trust that they are working on your behalf first and foremost.  Trust that they will provide you with the best possible information, so you can make the most educated decisions.  Trust that they will get the property sold, closed and funded.  Trust that they truly care.  If you can be assured of such trust, how could the service provided be anything but exemplary.

We would like the opportunity to earn your trust.  If you are thinking about listing your property for sale or purchasing a new property, allow River Valley Real Estate Company to interview as your Realtor.

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