The Big Five

The Big Five

In a very short and simple fashion, I am going to give you my best advice when you are buying a home. Especially if it is your first home.

Let us assume you have selected the house you want to purchase, and you have negotiated a price satisfactory to both you and the seller.  Next, let us assume that you purchased a Termination Option period for days to complete and review property inspection reports, and you have ordered and received both a General Inspection as well as a wood destroying pest inspection.

So, now you have to evaluate the inspections.  Obviously, if the wood destroying pest inspection indicates an active infestation, you must negotiate a reasonable solution with the seller. So, I’m going to treat this issue separate from the issues within the general inspection.

A general inspection can often times be both daunting as well as discouraging to read.  Inspectors are required to note all deficiencies including items not meeting the most recent building codes.  Their intention is not to make the home appear as if it is falling down although the report may seem otherwise.  As a general rule, I typically read the report, and mark all noted deficiencies with a highlighter.  I also make notes on the side such as “current building code”, “easily fixed” or “Home Depot”.

That is unless the issue pertains to one of the Big Five.  The Big Five consist of the following: the foundation, the roof, the plumbing system, electrical system and the heating and air conditioning system. All five of these components can require substantial money to remedy or repair, and some such as the foundation can possibly be a lifetime battle.  Most inspectors will recommend getting a qualified inspector, licensed technician or a structural engineer to further inspect the issue.

Heed this recommendation!  It is in your best interest with regard to your finances as well as your personal happiness regarding your new home.


Bill Barkley Owner and Broker of RVRE

Bill Barkley
Owner and Broker of RVRE

Written By, Bill Barkley, Owner and Broker of River Valley Real Estate

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